Dalston News by CAUTION artistic mentor Aaron Williamson

You don’t want to believe all this stuff in the media about the rioting. Assuming that you haven’t actually had any bother round your way I can report that here in Dalston – which the media have been representing as being at the centre of world war three – the actual disorder has been quite minimal. However it’s been greatly exaggerated and exasperated by the presence of hundreds of day-glo police accompanied by camera crews and rubberneckers. Plus the frankly annoying vigilant Turkish shopkeepers who swan around, swinging their balls. God help anyone who nicked a penny chew off them!

The original trouble was just a gang of youths breaking into the Dalston shopping centre and nicking some trainers and jeans. They were caught on camera and so the whole thing was blown up in the media. Since then, going to the shops at night and again in the morning, aside from the very welcome reduction in traffic due to the dramatic police roadblocks, I really wouldn’t know that we were meant to be in the midst of an apocalypse. If you look carefully at the news when the trouble was focused in London, they were replaying the same four or five clips of footage on rotation.

Meantime, the Euro and the Dollar are about to collapse and whatever happened to the phone-hacking scandal? Was it all cleared up? Oh!

I was in the 80s riots in Derby and that was a bit of a damp squib too, the main difference to now being the lootin' list: winklepickers and guitars rather than trainers and plasma screens. But those 80s riots served to polarise the electorate and the main upshot was that the tories won a landslide election. Plus ca change. . .


Kingsland Road Dalston
United Kingdom
51° 32' 58.2396" N, 0° 4' 30.9864" W
Sat 13 Aug 2011